Remote Work Policy.

The remote work policy outlines our guidelines for freelancers/contractors who work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that both will benefit from these arrangements.

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Security Equipment Order

Welcome to Bitrated Insurance Escrow!

You can instantly send cash, using a Bitcoin ATM , Please visit Coinatmradar for a location near you!

Using an ATM Kiosk please choose: Buy BTC (Bitcoin) , Insert the correct amount equal to €25 in your curency and email to us the receipt provided.

Please note that  you can also use a personal cryptocurency wallet or purchase Bitcoins from home if an ATM is not available by using a Personal Bank Account or PayPal through: localbitcoins.com. Please contact us at hoxtonmx@protonmail.com for a secure bitcoin address or QRC Code.

Once the €25 Deposit Payment is processed in an Escrow Account, a personal login will be sent via post with the Security Kit to your address in order to login to our company server and to input your employment information and availability to start training! 

IMPORTANT!! Please send us the Receipt Copy, Your Full Name and Shipping Address after payment: Email us at hoxtonmx@protonmail.com

For Live Support via Skype please Email us at hoxtonmx@protonmail.com for an immediate appointment!

Over 90% of employees working from home or coffee places around the globe! ×
7+ years working with leading global technology companies ×
We guarantee that your inquiry will be answered in no longer than 24 hours. ×
We guarantee that your inquiry will be answered in no longer than 24 hours. ×